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Manager of positive change.

Loving these ideas

Solvus: Implementing change, integrating people

Solvus is your consulting partner for positive transformation of your business. We take a central role in the HR-related challenges of your organisation. In the value chain of your business, people are your most important assets. By lowering costs and increasing efficiencies for people and processes, Solvus helps make your business ready for the future.

People & processes

Your human capital and organisational processes go hand in hand. Solvus focuses on positive change which is tailor-made to address both areas.

The Solvus manifest

Solvus is a reliable partner for lowering your costs and increasing your efficiency. In our manifesto, you will discover the key points of our promises.

Four Eye Principle

Guided by the principle that the best solutions are driven by shared knowledge, we obtain feedback and assistance from at least 4 external experts who challenge and improve our solution designs. As in an ecosystem, we ensure input is balanced to create stronger and more efficient solutions.

Highlight: Our expertises

Discover how Solvus can guide you in lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Career Mobility
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance & Development Management
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Solvus becomes partner of Co.Station

Today accelerator Co.Station BXL welcomes on board two new partners. In addition to BNP Paribas Fortis and Socialcom, the two partners which backed Co.Station BXL when it was set up, Mobistar and USG People will now be lending support to the Brussels-based accelerator. This will enable Co.Station BXL to expand its expertise and provide even […]

Further development of e-invoicing

The VMS platform of Connecting-Expertise was already linked to the internal accounting-and purchasing systems within Solvus and Public-Sourcing. This enabled generating automatic invoices and PO numbers internally: The internal invoice to the customer was made automatically. The customer could download the digital invoice from the platform. We are now moving on to the┬ánext level: By […]