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Contingent Workforce Management

From request to invoicing

By lowering your costs and increasing your efficiency, Solvus provides your company with positive transformation. Our solutions focus on making the main assets within your HR value chain, namely your employees, more resilient, stronger and more flexible.

The need for specific profiles in companies is changing faster than ever. Companies are increasingly relying on external suppliers for filling temporary or very complex staffing needs. A large number of freelancers and consultants often lead to a cluttered and difficult controllable situation where companies lose the grip on their Human Resources.

Solvus assists companies in recruiting and managing their ‘contingent workforce’ via the services of Managed Service Provider.
Supply management aims to use your costs and time more efficiently. In addition, our MSP will take over the many of the administrative burdens and numerous risks associated with working with 3
rd party suppliers. As such, you preserve the peace of mind over the entire value chain.

Central control with an objective view

Solvus proposes an offer based on your situation. From administrative processing to the total management. Central management of all of your temporary workforce needs  includes managing to volumes, rates and quality. Our database provides access to a benchmark from numerous sectors through which an objective comparison can be made. Our benchmark datais invaluable in creating competitive rate cards. Through a Vendor Management System (VMS) your work processes are consolidated and managed. Here we work with your already existing VMS system, or our own software that can be expanded and customised to your needs.

The right expertise for your business

Our consultants and project managers have a over 30 years of combined experience and are specialised within your discipline. We always start with a dialogue through which we are able to capture your needs and actively search for the perfect solution for your challenges. As such we don’t just work on the implementation, but we think actively about your strategic HR-challenges.

Respect for customers and suppliers is one of our core values. We seek long term relationships with you and your suppliers with a win-win situation for all parties.

A process-based approach 

  • Drawing up a time frame: from the start you will get an insight into what you can expect from us
  • Introducing the project team: experts in their field with years of experience and a strong knowledge of the market in which you operate
  • Process workshops: determine current situation, ideal situation and the future state solution
  • Prioritisation and establishing deadlines
  • PRINCE2 project management methodology. An international methodology that has already proven its effectiveness many times
  • Project management with clear and structural communication. Where you as Customer always know the status

Project mgmt

Our strengths

  • Flexibility: our processes are tailored to your organisation 
  • Security: you will get to grips with the situation: we offer you continuous objective insights and continuous feedback.   
  • Control: Solvus makes recommendations, but you retain the decision-making power at all times.
  • Simplification: we take over the administrative burden of managing your flex workforce saving you time and money    
  • Objective: your suppliers are objectively scrutinised and fairly treated
  • Respect for your company and your suppliers: we strive for long term relationships   

Public-SourcingMSP for public institutions

Solvus developed in cooperation with its partners ‘Public-Sourcing’ and ‘Connecting-Expertise’, an innovative method for sourcing specialists in different domains. Through a MSP program that was built to the requirements of public authorities the lead time and cost were drastically reduced.

Specialised software allows us to pool and to select experts in an efficient manner with an eye for cost reduction. This innovative approach was implemented for the Flemish Government. This client awarded Solvus the value chain award in 2014.

As an independent vendor player we are able to find, screen and select the most suitable temporary consultants, and to contract them at the most competitive market prices.

Our way of working3719_SOL_schemas_kwadraten_all-4-06-e1439993976543 

  • Request from the customer
  • Public market place
  • Influx of interested service providers 
  • Comparison with the benchmark
  • Bidding, matching, selecting and interviewing
  • Reporting (timesheet management, contract management…)
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