Companies are forced to adjust to the ever faster changing environment. To survive in a competitive market, companies need to be fast, agile, resilient and dynamic. Both consumers as and the marketplace expect companies to be purpose-driven and find the right fit with the values of their target groups.

In reality, companies are often held back by slow or bureaucratic processes and a lack of transparency. Changing this starts with people.

Talent in a new perspective

The time in which the filling of vacancies is done through simple ‘ticking the right box’ is forever behind us. Solvus uses a different approach to talent. We do not look at people for who they are, but for who they can be. The match between individual and corporate culture is becoming increasingly important. As a result, we break radically with the ‘ticking the right box’ thinking on the basis of hard skills. Talent is complex and changes over time. Solvus works continuously on the competences of people so that they start off relevant and stay relevant for your business and the labour market.

Increase the strategic resilience of your business with Solvus 

Solvus is a specialised partner in making companies stronger and more resilient. We do this through thorough analysis of your human assets, to anticipate necessary changes today and in the future. So you will always remain one step ahead of your competitors.

This strategic exercise always starts with an audit of your human resources. Solvus looks at your main assets in a qualitative and quantitative way. The recommendations that we can formulate is the starting point of our consultancy assignment. You choose for modular packages or for an integrated total package. Both with our recommendations as well as the implementation of them, we are driven by two principles: reduce your costs and increase your efficiency.

Integrated service provision –  thanks to internal and external ecosystem 

Solvus offers an integrated and complementary offer to make your business on all HR dimensions slimmer, more resilient and more flexible. As such we look through our cost-reduction programs whether you organise your employers’ contributions already optimally and whether your business has the right ‘weight’ in terms of human assets (OMI: Organisation Mass Index).

This analysis allows us to see which profiles are under and over occupied in your company, but also which competences you can best keep in house or outsource. In order to be able to respond to these challenges, we can call on our specialists operations: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Performance and Development Management, Career Transition and Managed Service Provider.  We don’t only provide end-to-end solutions, but individual services that may meet niche needs.  Through a cafeteria plan, your employees get the opportunity to broaden and strengthen their skills through education and training.

Together, these services make up the internal Solvus ecosystem, in which various specialist fields are connected with each other and provide added value for each other. A strong approach with insight into your HR allows you to transform to the speed of the market, and to align your human assets with the objectives and the culture of your company. As such Solvus functions as the resilience amplifier that makes your company stand up against changes in the future.

Performance through innovation

Our performance is rooted in innovative and waterproof systems and processes. We always apply a four eyes principle to  our services.  This means that the experts within our internal ecosystem appeal to preferred partners in our external ecosystem for very complex and challenging issues. These partners can carry out cross-checks for complex matters, but also expand our own specialties by their knowledge and experience. As such, our external ecosystem includes partners in the fields of legal, pay rolling, technology, and communication.